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Roller chain

  • Roller chain
  • Roller chain
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Product Description

Motorcycle chain
Agricultural machinery chain S32, S52, S55, S62, CA550, CA555, CA557, CA650, CA620
Three-dimensional garage chain LT08B / LT12A / LT16A / LT20A LT80-2 16A-2 LT100 (20A)
HP50 Hollow pin shaft
BL8 plate chain
Large pitch P430-P470 tower chain
P460 P480 P450 P500 P430 P360 P462
Forklift chain BL422 / LH1234 / LL1266 BL623 ​​= LH1223
BL823 / BL834 / BL623 ​​/ BL634
BL634, BL834, BL823, BL1034, BL1666
Industrial chain 16A / 20A / 10A / 12A
Side bow chain for trading window ASA35 ASA40 SPC9.525
Stainless steel chain 40SS 50SS 60SS C2062SS C2082SS
Motorcycle chain 428H-1 428428H
Car chain (American car)
TC342 TC493 53020778 C700 TC303 C3971 C-399F C498 5302068 TC392 TC406 C381A 3735411 C373 53021295AA
Car chain (Japanese car)
Lt; / RTI & Lt; / RTI & gt; 13001
Car crater chain
83503146 ​​MD738550 M501-17-945 50117945 36293-28021 MB886422
Forklift with hydraulic pump chain
23HV304-60AS 13506-75150-71 13506-78000-71 13506-78001-71 13506-78150-71
Snow car chain
SU31564L SU31368L SU31168L SU31160L SU31360L
Industrial silence chain
KT320A KT315A KT360
Industrial silent chain and supporting gears.
Used in machine tool main drive, large tonnage forklift hydraulic pump and glass manufacturing and other high impact high speed and low noise workplace.
Small pitch chain, 03C = P = 4.7625 03B = P = 5
Mainly used for motor drive, tunnel robot arm and other precision instruments
Cold drawing machine chain 64B
No maintenance escalator step chains TL133C TL133Hg
Handrail driving chain 16A-2 16AFT-2 16B-1 16B-2
Heavy duty & high gradient escalator step chains TL67.73 TL133Hc TL133Hd
Driving chain 16A-2F 16B-2F 20A-2F 20B-2F 20AFT-2 20A-3 20AFT-3 24A-2 20B-3 24B-2
K type caterpillar chains with attachement P101.6-2LK-3 P127-2LK-3
Offset sidebar welded steel chains WR78U-P66.27 WH150-P153.67 WR150-P153.67
Asphalt conveyor chain MSR2856-M16
Paver machine chains SS40SL
Escalator step chains TL133 TL133H TL135
Conveyor chain for paper industry FLP63e FLP63.5-F FLP63a-4LKG2 FLP63b-4LKG2
Conveyor chain for steel plant KM P250 C50.8 C63 C100
Oil field chain & port machine chains
Steel P63F4 conveyor chain
High speed Silent chains HV6 HV8
Lt; / RTI & gt;
Stainless steel roller chain 04C SS 06CSS 08A SS 41SS 10A SS 12A SS 28A SS 04B SS -32B SS
Roller chain for textile machinery 06BF20
Rubber gloves carrier chains P90F1 P100F154 P100F155 P100F13 P100F139 P150 / 90
Round pin type silent chain CL06F2-12X11W SC1252-11X10W
Bush chain for engine timing 05CT 06D C35F2-2
Silent chains for engine timing CL04D-4X5W CL05D-W-4X4W CL05D-3X4W
Transmission & transfer case silent chains HV3F3-8X9W SC180
Roller chain for engine timing 05E 05BT 06AT 06BT 06BT-2 06B HT-2
Coupling chain 4012/4014/4016/5014/5016/5018/6020/6022/8018/8020/10018/10022/12018/12022
06BF27 / 06BF31 / 08AF36 / 08BF97 / 10AF13 / 12AF6 / 12AF54 / 12AF34 / 16AF25 / 16AF40 / 08BF129 / 10BF43 / 10BF21

Bending plate chain 08B / 10A
Heavy Bending Chains 2010 \ 2512 \ 2814 \ 3215 \ 3315 \ 3618 \ 4020 \ 4824
Malleable iron chain, Magang chain. Model: C55 C188 C131 C132 488 4103 720
Window chain P6.35 P12.70, P9.525
Flue Baking Production Line Chain P200
Packaging machinery with a special type of chain P30 +50
With ear chain, mainly for transport and assembly operations. Specifications: 06B ~ 32A / B. 12AA1 16AK1 20AK1
Coupling chain: 4016 \ 5018 \ 6018 \ 8018 \ 10016/12018/14016/16018
Single, double pitch hole pin pin roller chain, model: 08BHP, 50HP, 60HP, 80HP, C2040HP, C2050HP, C2060HP, C2080HP, C2042HP, C2052HP, C2062HP, C2082HP
Medical glove production line equipment chain P125
Peanut harvester chain
Painting line chain C2082H
Lifting and lifting equipment chain, automatic vertical line lift line translation chain / horizontal line large chain
The chain pitch is: P = 100,125,130,140,150,155,160,165,170,175,180,185,187.5,190,200,210,212.5,215,220,225,250,300 , 320.
Wire and cable chain type frame equipment with C208B bending plate chain / C208BK1 / C208BK2
Drilling rig chain LH2844 / 2866/2834 LH2466 / 2434 LH3266 / 3288/3246
Palm oil chain 8X450000HP
Paper tube machinery and equipment with the chain C2050
Automatic Computer Tunnel Car Washing Chain P250F / P200D / P150A2
Car conveyor chain chain P250F / P200D / P150A2
Cold dialing machine chain
Smoke Machine Chain / Chain / Flue Flue Machine P150
Plate chain LLLH4066 / 4088 large pitch plate chain LH3288 LH3266 LH4044 LL4044
32AA1 / 32AK1
Heavy duty machine chain 28B-3 / 36A - 3

C2082 filter press chain
Heavy metal metallurgical equipment industry chain 2010/2512/2814/3315/3618/4020/4824

Dipped gloves production line hollow pin chain HP76.2 model 76.2HP, 76.2HHP
Metric conveyor chain / M80 / M112 / M160 / M224
C2062H / C2060-D1, pin length, 12A double pitch large roller conveyor chain, mainly used for food machinery, packaging machinery
Thermal power plant electric dust removal equipment chain
06B top rubber chain, pitch 9.525, overhead with rubber clams, mainly for battery production line
Wood conveyor chain has 81X, 81XH, 81XHH and so on
Heavy-duty bending chain standard models are 2010,2512,2814,3315,3618,4020,4824, widely used in heavy metallurgy, mining industry
31.75 with sprocket, double pitch 25.4,38.1,50.8 sprocket, long pitch P76.2, P100. P150, P200 sprocket
Double pitch sprocket (212A \ 216A \ 2100 \ 2120)
A type sprocket type B sprocket
Double pitch long pitch large pitch
Standard sprocket
I have made GB / T1243 short pitch roller chain sprocket 16A, B ~ 72B, GB / T5269 double pitch roller chain sprocket 216A, B ~ 232B, GB / T5858 heavy drive chain chain sprocket and so on. The above sprockets are standard pitch, can be based on customer requirements using different materials manufacturing, divided into flat sprocket, single take the sprocket, double-sided sprocket sprocket and other structural types, can be made into the process hole Can be made into the customer needs the hole size.
Non-standard sprocket
I designed and manufactured various industries with non-standard large-scale transmission and transmission sprocket, using GB / T8350 standard design and manufacture of the sprocket pitch from tens of millimeters to 1000 mm, sprocket diameter from tens of millimeters to 3 meters Round of weight from dozens of kilograms to 3 tons, covering all sectors of the various production processes, widely used in metallurgical mining, nonferrous metals, oil and coal, port terminals, cement building materials, environmental protection energy, food and medicine, engineering machinery, tobacco printing, Military machinery and other fields.

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Motorcycle Chains: 25H (04CH), 415, 415H, 420, 420H, 428, 428H, 520, 520H, 530,
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